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                                      Design Series Wood Effects


                                      Minwax Water-based wood effect works with wood’s tannins to produce a naturally aged look in minutes. Every piece of wood reacts differently, so every project is unique. Ideal for unfinished wood furniture, cabinets, doors, trim and molding.

                                      • Accelerates the look of naturally aged wood in minutes.
                                      • Reacts to bare or stripped wood, creating a unique look everytime.
                                      • One coat application, dries in 1 hour.
                                      • waterbased formula cleans up with soap and water.
                                      • Available in 2 beautiful colors.
                                      • NOT RECOMMENDED FOR LARGE SURFACES, SUCH AS FLOORS.

                                      Product Details

                                      Application Tool: Synthetic or foam brush
                                      Location: interior wood surfaces
                                      Recoat: 1 hour
                                      Dry Time: 1 hour
                                      Topcoat: 1 hour
                                      Cleanup: Soap & Water
                                      Coverage: 150 sq. ft per quart
                                      Coats: One Coat color. To intensify color, a second coat may be added.
                                      Recommended Uses: Ideal for unfinished wood furniture, cabinets, doors, trim and molding.


                                      Instructions for using Minwax® Design Series Wood Effects.


                                      • Start with bare or stripped wood that’s clean and dry.
                                      • For best results, start with a medium grit sand paper, and increase the grit as you go, finishing with #220 as final sand. Remove sanding dust.


                                      • Test before applying on a hidden spot to make sure you like the effect.
                                      • Stir product well before and occasionally during application. Don’t shake or thin product.
                                      • Apply in direction of the grain. No wiping required.
                                      • Product reacts differently with every piece of wood. Preferred wood species: Oak.
                                      • Not recommended for large surfaces like floors due to fast dry time. Use Minwax® Wood Finish™ Penetrating Oil Stain for large projects.


                                      • For a rustic look that will continue to patina with time – topcoat not recommended.
                                      • For increased durability and protection while maintaining a rustic look, use polycrylic ultra flat.

                                      Use only with adequate ventilation. To avoid over exposure, open windows and doors or use other means to ensure fresh air entry during application and drying. If you experience eye watering, headaches, or dizziness, increase fresh air, or wear respiratory protection (NIOSH approved) or leave the area. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wash hands after using. Keep container closed when not in use. Do not transfer contents to other containers for storage.

                                      FIRST AID: In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with large amounts of water. Get medical attentional if irritation persists. If swallowed, call Poison Control Center, hospital emergency room, or physician immediately.

                                      WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


                                      The colors shown are for reference purposes only. They have been reproduced using digital production techniques. Always test stain on a hidden area of the wood to verify desired color.

                                      WEATHERED GRAY
                                      CHARRED BLACK

                                      Frequently Asked Questions

                                      WHAT IS MINWAX® DESIGN SERIES WOOD EFFECTS?

                                      It is a Water Based Wood Stain that accelerates the look of aged wood in minutes. Unlike the other Water Based products: Clear and White Tint Bases, the wood effects stains do not require tinting and is ready to use right out of the can. This stain works best with bare or stripped wood by reacting with the woods’ tannins, creating unique looks every time. As the stain dries, the effect develops.

                                      HOW DO I APPLY MINWAX® DESIGN SERIES WOOD EFFECTS?

                                      For best results, we recommend using a foam brush applicator. Apply product in direction of the wood grain and let it dry. Unlike other stains, there is no need to wipe away excess Wood Effect stain.

                                      DOES MINWAX® DESIGN SERIES WOOD EFFECTS REQUIRE A TOP COAT?

                                      For a rustic & aged look that will continue to patina with time, a top coat is not required. If you prefer increased durability and protection while maintaining the rustic and aged look, we recommend Minwax® Polycrylic® Protective Finish.

                                      SHOULD MINWAX® DESIGN SERIES WOOD EFFECTS BE USED ON FLOORS?

                                      No. Water-based stains dry very quickly, making them difficult to apply evenly over large surfaces. For very large areas such as floors, we recommend an oil-based product such as Minwax® Wood Finish™ stain.

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