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                                      Beautiful just got better. Beautiful just got better.

                                      Beneath our new label is an improved formula that dries twice as fast and features rich, one-coat color. Keep on Finishing with America’s #1 selling interior stain.

                                      Minwax Yellow Can Wood Finish, penetrating stain.
                                      Our formula? Improved. Our formula? Improved.

                                      Watch interior wood stain expert, Bruce Johnson, walk you through all of the improvements to the new Minwax® stains.

                                      Let's make something amazing.

                                      Get all the details on how to apply Minwax® Wood Finish Oil-Based Stain with success.

                                      Reformulated Minwax® penetrating stain dries in just two hours, making it easy to go from start to finish in just one day.

                                      Dries twice as fast. Dries twice as fast.
                                      On trend colors.

                                      Get creative with a wide array of colors, featuring tried-and-true favorites and stunning new additions.

                                      See all the colors
                                      We gave ourselves a makeover.
                                      We gave ourselves a makeover.

                                      Our label? New. Our drying time. Faster. Look for the original Yellow Can and make sure it says Minwax®.

                                      Yellow can image.
                                      Want more information? Want more information?

                                      There’s more to Minwax® stains than faster dry times and rich one-coat color. Get all the details here.

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                                      Dresser finished with Minwax Wood Finish Oil-Based Stain.
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